Wiring In An Unwired World?

Online marketing didn’t really figure itself out until the last 10 years. Before then, it was try and err. The marketers who took the time to test results and tweak to get better results found themselves in a good situation. Those that erred and didn’t tweak usually went out of business or gave up trying to use the Internet as a source of leads.

Typical marketing used to get results – you know, putting ads in the paper each week or placing ads on radio and television stations. You can still get results, but the audience is getting narrower and narrower in traditional media. The online prospect is not listening to typical broadcast radio, watching live TV or reading a physical newspaper. The online prospect is listening to Spotify (or one of hundreds of other online music program), watching shows on Amazon Prime (or Netflix, Hulu, etc.) and getting a lot of their news from Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

Are you doing what you can to be found in these media outlets?

WiredSocialProfits.com is dedicated to helping your business plug into that Wireless World. We don’t tell you to scrap your traditional advertising, we simply replace a portion of it with online marketing. Your business should be found when someone looks for you or the product or service you provide. If that is not happening now, give us a try!

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Micheal Savoie is the author of Social Net Effect: Fishing For Prospects With Social Media Marketing and the host of the weekly Blogging With Micheal Podcast.

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